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October 18th

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Super sweater

Here's the sweater Jason knitted for me!!!

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My Rhinebeck Purchases

Here's what I brought home from the New York State Sheep & Wool Festival today.

Greek sweater patterns

I just read your blog from a year ago about greek sweater patterns that you had heard about.

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Celtic knots and scarves

My new obsession in knitting are Celtic knots.

October 17th

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A Cautionary Note About Spammers

Don't even think about going to these websites even as a curiosity, forget it, unless you want to get viruses, specifically trojans. These Spammers are without a doubt very perverse people.

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MWK Fall 2008 Retreat Bag

Just wanted to show my Support!

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Scarf Exchange 2 is here!

The Second Men Who Knit Scarf Exchange is here!

(just updating to keep this near the top of the recent posts list!)

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Chain Hat

I really need to stop making these, and actually do some school work. Here is the bottom of my next hat for a friend.

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Felted Candy Corn Bags

Here are a couple of bags I made for my niece/nephew for Halloween. They knit up quickly and are great fun to make and to share with others.

October 16th

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So, the sweater that I knit in three different guages that got felted so I could one day make something uber-creative with the resultant fabric?