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First 3 Color Hat- a good learning experience

Hello all- Since Christmas, I have been working on learning how to use two colors in the same row in a basic hat.

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Define Insane

Socks knit on a set of 0000 needles

I need a nap

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I'm looking for a commercially (or semi-commercially) available long stapled wool or wool blend in a weight anywhere from lightworsted to bulky that can be brushed (IE: It should be singles, NOT plied

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First hand-spun knit up!

Start & Finish: 25th January 2008
Yarn: My own hand-spun, "Bracken Ridge" from Ewe Give Me The Knits
Needles: 4.5 mm / 60 cm Addi Turbos
Pattern: Simple 25 stitches garter stitch, inspired/copied from Brooklyntweed's Espresso Scarf
Notes: I'm using the navajo-ply at each end of the it's a bit chunkier there. I'm using three traditional deer-horn button commonly used in traditional Tracht here in (Bavaria) Germany. And yes, they are made from real horn and not the cheap-o plastic imitation...these ones cost about EUR 4 each.

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men knitters vs women knitters

Rachel is the knitting ninja at my LYS and we always have interesting conversations.

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Finally serious

Just a little fill in: I've been knitting off an on since college, that's like 25 years but never really got serious with it. Knitting and purling, lot's of garter stitch.

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Tree of life afghan


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Knitting as art...?

I have this idea...and was just curious if anyone has ever heard of people knitting artwork?