Archive - Jan 27, 2008

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Another Idea For Dog Toys

Ok...referring to my felted balls post. My basenji's got ahold of the larger felted balls I made, and man are they the best thing they've found to play with.

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Mossbank Pullover

I started this project a couple of years ago. Recently, I've taken it out of hiding and began working on it again. This is my first attempt at knitting a fair isle sweater in the round, with steeks.

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here dey is...

Prototype for sweater jacket...

Brushed lincoln wool body with a hoodie in wool/alpaca.mohair.
INCREDIBLY COMFY. I have been wearing it everyday for 3 days. LOVE. IT!

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So, I have some fabulous pictures of the Sweater Jacket prototype, but they're too big to post here. How do I resize them so I can post?

New Guy

Hey Folks,

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Artemis - shawl in Progress

I mentioned 'Kvetching Up' was running a design contest for this shawl - I suppose I should show you the shawl in progress. . .

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Irish Hiking Scarf

Hi guys,

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finished is good

I have my housemate's scarf being blocked this week and I'm about three rows away from having MY scarf done. Just in time for the 57 degree day we are having today in the mile high city.

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Lace Frustration

Decided to try lace , once again. I have had a couple of runs at lace before and always gave up after a few attempts.

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My first pair of sox - completed

i had a lot of fun making these, though the pattern is sometimes confusing