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January 2nd

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Mile Guy Knitters - Sunday Jan 6th

Calling all of you in or near Denver!!

Silk and Cashmere

Asbjorn is working on a Leisel (sp) scarf and I thought I would try it next. I have 55% silk 45% cashmere yarn.

January 1st

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Knitting book PREVIEW 2008!

Hi Guys~~

I just want to say to everybody "HAPPY NEW YEAR" and hope had a lot of knitting this 2008!
And big luck and happiness each of you!

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Reversible Cable Scarf

(Pattern included)
Here it is! The technique got more and more refined and I'm never knitting it in tweed again, but I'm happy with the design, as is my sister...

Maybe LONGER as well...

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Hey Looky! FO!

Bound off, blocked, and everything!

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NYE: Up at all hours

I saw the new year in and then some: Knitted until 6 am...Thank goodness for Toby Stephens in Jane Eyre on PBS...

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HELP: Koolhaas Hat

I'm on row 4 of the crown on the Koolhaas hat and it calls for:
1/1 RPC, sl 1, k2tog, psso, 1/1 LPC

December 31st

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Liesel Scarf - Finished

I finished the Liesel scarf, today. Here's a couple of pictures of it being blocked.

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another knit book for guys

In early June '08 a book is slated to be released, titled "Knits for Men: 20 Sweaters, Vests, and Accessories" authored by Margaret Hubert, in paperback form.