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December 18th

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Sweater in Progress

My primary project lately has been a raglan sweater for myself from this Japanese Vogue pattern book.

December 17th

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My First Hat, from a while ago

I had completely forgot that I had never put this up, but this was the first hat I ever made. I wear it often, but now it is too cold, so I think I need to line it with something.

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I can't find it!

A family member has offered to crochet Drew Emborsky's Prarie Style afgan and pillow for me. We cannot locate Caron brand "Bliss" yarn. I need five balls of it.

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I got my scarf

My scarf arrived while I was out of town on business, so I didn't get to open the package until late Sunday night. The scarf is great. It has nice color work in greens, browns and neutrals and is very thick and warm.

December 16th

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My Buddies Scarf is done!

Finally got my Scarf exchange scarf done. Now I just have to get to a post office to mail it. We had about 3-4" of snow, an all of Corvallis is shut down.

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Gosh dang it!

So I finished a hat I was making of 2 "Turn-a-square" hats by Jared Flood that I was planning on making for my 2 brother in laws. But there's a problem...the hat's too big.

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Christmas Hat for my brother

So I am making hats like this for my brother and his soon to be wife (getting married on Friday.) I got his done, now am working on hers.

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First item to show

OK, I know that I have been a member for a few weeks now, so I thought I should show you the photo I took of my first knitted item. I have made a few more things since this but it was my first.

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Garter time


Blocking done and items shipped

Thanks to all, especially Tallguy, for your support during my blocking ordeal. Everything turned out beautifully.