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January 8th

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Thank You

Thank you all for your responses to my flat hat dilemma. I am presently trying to calculate how much duct tape to wrap around my head to keep it from splattering my monitor!

January 7th

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Sorry to be posting non-related content, but this is truly one of the most helpful places I go on the internet so I hope this is alright...

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A shawl for my mama and some progress on baby things

Well, I haven't written in a while, but that doesn't mean my needles haven't been clacking. Or clicking. Or whatever it is needles do. Also, my sewing machine has been keeping up.

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Knitting Daily Survey For Men

I got an email from Knitting Daily today talking about knitting for men, and they've come up with a survey they would like men to fill out.

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Flat Hat

I am working on a hat while waiting for my yarn delivery from Knitpicks. I would like it to have a flat top.

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Sara's Prairie Fire Scarf

This scarf was created for one of my preceptors at work. Just got it done and Paul (PaxKnitter) helped me block it.

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Happy Belated Holidaze

To everyone, hope y'all had a good whatever you may/may not celebrate!

Easy sock pattern needed

I am inspired to try socks. Anyone have an easy starter pattern?

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Na Craga Cable Chart

Does anyone know where I can obtain the chart for the 3 cable pattern in the Na Craga Sweater?

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"Mermaid" Scarf

I don't get the name of this scarf, so i am hereby changing it to Mint Chocolate Mistake Rib Scarf. The "blocking" I did definitely tamed the fringe down and softenend this wool up quite a bit.