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January 10th

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Long On Knitting - Short On Altitude!

The blocking is complete, the gift was wrapped with care... and Sara and I worked a shift together last night. She loves her very large, very beautiful scarf! Wow, it looks so BIG on her!!

January 9th

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Yarn Types

Correct me if I am wrong, is there a "better" type of yarn for the beginner knitter?

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My Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill stash

Since Bill (WJBDineen) shared his purchases with you all, it's only fair for me to do so, too. (My thanks to Bill for the pictures!)

Flat Hat Formula Redux

The regularity of the increases to knit a flat circle intrigued me
to investigate a bit further, and I realized that the principle
could be stated more succinctly, and perhaps less explosively.

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bTALK Hat Finished

A month and a half after my boyfriend's birthday, I finally bit the bullet and made time to finish his stocking cap. The original pattern I graphed looked good, but I had a ton of trouble with it.

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Toe Up Socks

I want to try knitting a basic toe up pair of socks. I have done the cuff down now want to try the other direction. Not fancy stitches etc.

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At the risk of being "That Guy in the Forum"

I love you guys. Thanks for everything.

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Carrot Cake Hat

I call it this because the colors reminded me of carrot cake with cream cheese icing!

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Ask and Ye shall receive, WJ.

You got it.