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December 11th

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Well, It looks like The MHK 2009 Calender needs some help. It has come to my attention that people have been bringing up the Idea for a Fitness Challenge. Maybe for the MHK2010 Calender.

December 11th

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Very OT: My Mother Passed Away Last Night

The title pretty much says it all. I got a late night call that my mother had slipped into a coma and died. Cancer.

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Theodore's Sweater

I just completed my first puppy sweater. He wasn't too happy about me trying it on him, but we both survived.

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Men Who Knit Scarf Exchange

Men Who Knit Scarf Exchange.....I'm busy working on my swap scarf......this was my inspiration...(grin)

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private messages going down

I'm going to work on the private messages module. I apologize in advance if anything happens to your stored messages!

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Ear piercing and other projects.

Today I had to doll myself up a little for my piano jury (college final exam performance thingy), so I took the opportunity to put a picture on here of my new ear piercings.

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Bead knitting


I've had this hankering to try some bead knitting. Any recommendations on books, kits, patterns??? Or plain ole advice will do.



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Shawl Collar Question

When knitting a shawl collar, how many increasese should be done on the back of the neck(?) when starting the collar so that there will be enough fullness for the collar to lie flat while not creating

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I got the email from the post office telling me that the parcel has been delivered!!!

I wish I was there to watch him open up his scarf!!!



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Crafty Bastard Commuters

Hello Boys!