Archive - Sep 25, 2007

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Desperately Seeking Long DPN's

Thanks to Mike (stickywarp) I now have the shorter DPN's that I need. However, I am still looking for the 40 cm length DPN in the following sizes: 3.25 mm, 7.75 mm, 4.5 mm, 5 mm, 5.5 mm.

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Knitting in public

if we're going to knit in public...we really MUST be dressed appropriately!
...I'm going to have to re-think my wardrobe...

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I finished the MySoCalledScarf a couple of days ago. Here is the finished project for your enjoyment both in full and close-up versions. I can once again resume closed-cable celtic cap #2.

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Oh yeah...the felted scarf!

I totally forgot to post pics of that scarf I felted. The main picture is the finished product. I'm attaching another "after" picture and a couple of "before"s.