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September 16th

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NEW Men Knitting Book!

Hey everybody!
I just youguys let you know, I just got my NEW Men Knitting book Called "The Knitting Man(ual)"
by Kristin Spurkland.

Blind man who is learning to knit

I'm trying to learn from text since pictures don't help me.

September 15th

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New Knitting Podcast

There is a new podcast by a knitting guy you might want to have a listen to:

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Poncho/Bump Cover done

Here is the finished poncho (modeled by my beautiful wife). As per her request, it has arm holes, so that she can wear it at work and still type, etc.

September 14th

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I have gone 46 years without glasses. My last eye check up was back in 1992 in Boulder, Colorado in graduate school.

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Knit Picks - new "Bare" yarn

They now offer their merino/silk blend fingering weight in a "dye your own" 100 gm hank.

Ditto for their superwash merino dk yarn

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Fall Knitty is up!

Items of interest at my first glance:

Muir - a leaf and lattice shawl

September 13th

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Knit Picks changeable WOOD needles

just got my changeable wooden needle tips and wood DP's from KnitPicks.
They're called "Harmony" needles. with the Options cables...

Laminated layers of colours...

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Ravelry - Count Down

Just 886 people ahead of me...Why am I so excited about this?

September 12th

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How do you spell relief?