Archive - Aug 30, 2007

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Are you YOUTubing? Huffelpuff Hat #1 done

Sock Techniques

I've recently been dealing with a nerve problem that has made my left foot perpetually numb, so I decided that I deserved a special sock to keep it warm.

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Blogging for Godot

The bulk of my blog is actually located here:

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Tradition (i.e. Free Stuff)

Dearest Friends,

I haven't been active on this board for long, but I have a "Tradition" to offer.

A little history:

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stitch and bitch

Just wondering if anyone has made anything from the STitch and Bitch books...I know pretty much all the patterns are for the ladies, but i have changed colors on some of the patterns and they are pret

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Baby Hat for Friends

A couple of friends of ours are having a new baby any day now (or perhaps not for another couple of weeks, as those things go....) I'm working on a hat/sock combo for them.