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Knitters Uncensored, episode #05 is online!

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Yay! Knitters Uncensored episode #05 is out!!! Go download and listen!

Your iTunes might not have downloaded this episode automatically, depending on which version of episode #04 you download. In order to fix this, you have to delete episode #04 from your iTunes, then unsubscribe from the feed and then re-subscribe to it. That should fix everything. ;-)

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My Student's work!

Hand-dyed by my students on Saturday my socks yarn dyeing class at Hissy Knit.

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Dyeing Class students pic!

Applying some dye on the hank. The class is $40. and that included 2 hanks of sock yarn (880 yards) and all the materials!

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My Dyeing Class Display and Samples

All my class dyeing and knitted samples!

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TEACHING a Socks yarn dyeing class!

On last Saturday, I was teaching a socks yarn dyeing class at the yarn shop. It was great class and also great hot day for dyeing!

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Irish Hiking Hat

Just finished it today and I am on my way of making another one bigger, with more cable panels. This one that I am showing will be for a gift.

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