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Bishops Yarn in Chatsworth (Los Angeles area) is closing

I just wanted to let everyone know that my old LYS is closing its doors - Florence has put an ad in the paper and has all her yarn, needles, books (EVERYTHING) on sale 50% off - there's noro to be had (I bought a ton of it) as well as louisa harding, lots of yarn - I can't even begin to think of all the yarn that's there - AND the needles (mostly bamboo or plastic) are 50% off which is a killer deal!

she has a *few* bookcases left (they're whitewashed oak in color) if you're wanting to invest in a way to show your yarn (or just put books up) - she's selling 'em for $10 each - (you can't take those till the end of July)

Anyway, if you're in the area then I'd suggest dropping by her shop and swooping down on the amazing deals before they're gone.

she's open again on Tuesday from 10-4.

I'm very sad to see her close, but it has become obvious that it's time. we're all devastated - trying to figure out where we should meet and knit - I have had some folks to my house, and we're planning on meeting at another friend's house - we'll see what happens.



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Great Yarn Store


There's a killer store out in Lawrence, KS, called The Yarn Barn. They sell mostly knitting supplies and yarn, but also have a lot of products pertaining to all the other fiber arts such as spinning, looms, and whatever else there is that I know nothing about. Ha! They also have a catalog and you can purchase products from their site as well as the catalog. URL is as follows:

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Happy Fourth of July Dishcloths

I can't seem to move beyond making dishcloths. Most of my friends and relatives want one or two, so I keep cranking them out. I stumbled across some patriotic yarn, so I made a couple of variations of cloths for the upcoming holiday. I've been invited to a Fourth of July BBQ so one of these creations will be going along with me as a gift for the host, as soon as I can figure out which one I want to part with.

New stuff

Plans to up load pics are still on hold due to technical difficulties...nonetheless, I have stepped away from my circulars and dpns to learn some new techniques. Currently knitting a scarf (oddly, the first one) in a Feather and Fan pattern. Simple lace . Pattern truely isn't difficult, but, the caveat would be that simplicity paired with accuracy = success. So far, I am on my 6th version. Knit, discover, destroy, rinse, and repeat as necessary. I am learning tons, so, this is ultimately good. The yarn I'm using is really a beautiful handpainted superfine merino in deep blue and purple gradations by Dream in Color. It's a lovely yarn, and, gratefully, sturdy as it is holding up well under the repeated frogging and knitting. This attempt is doing well, so, with luck and perseverence....Who knows? I might well get it done in time for winter birthdays that seem wa-a-ay too close at the speed I'm going. Ahh well. I still have my cache of beanies in reserve......

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I haven't been around much, of late. Been spending more time on my site. I came across this on the CRAFT blog. Just wanted to share: