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UFO's and WIP's

How many WIP's and UFO's do you guys have? How do you decide when a projest goes from a WIP to a UFO?

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Interlude in the 'Desert Sun'

I'm waiting for any mistakes in 'Queen Anne's Lace' to display themselves, preparing for several family functions;trying to write up the various variations for Fibonaccci Eyelets, catch up with the spawning blankets and wedding shawls and resist the temptation to cast on about a gazillion projects...

So - for "mindless knitting" - I'm working on Desert Sun from GoddessKnits.

Now, I know it doesn't look mindless, but the repeats are not long, very logical and very easy to "read" against your finished stitches - and each one is done 24 times.... the next three rows are all "knit 22, purl 2" - and the purls are verticallly aligned, so it really is the next best thing to mindless garter.

I started this last summmer, and currently have under 40 rows and the edge to knit. My version is being worked on US 8 needles in a heathered bayberry 2/8 Jagger Spun Maine Line wool.

addendum:6/7 - Under 35 rows left (plus edge)

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Blog entry got eaten by MWK...AGAIN!

Hi Admin/Darrel,

Here's the node number: 2561. Seems so that MWK doesn't like long post and lots of HTML-linking....because that's usually how my posts are.

Cheers for taking a look into it. *grumble*
Grumpy Elemm