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Interchangeable Knitting Needle Kit???

I'm about to buy my first circular needles, and perusing the shop nearby, I was a bit intimidated by the sheer number of different LENGTHS on top of the different sizes! I approached the lady that runs/owns the shop and she recommended Addi over other brands, but suggested that if I haven't bought any circulars yet, I should really consider buying this Interchangeable Knitting Needle Kit. I thought it was an Addi thing, but in my web searching, I found the exact kit, and it says it's Denise (never heard of it).

Anyway, I was just curious if anyone else has tried this interchangeable circular needle kit. If so, is it sufficient, or should I just get the Addi needles? Any other recommendations/suggestions???

Thanx, guys!

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Knitting Video CAST #4 "The Summer" Episode!

Hey everybody~~

"Knitting Video CAST #4" up! This week's Video Cast is all about the SUMMER Knitting "LACE"

This week iam going to talking about:

-Thank you: Guido at "It's a Purl Men" and New PodCast "Damknit" for sweet shout out!

-This Week's Online Yarn Shipping:
"Cavyshop" at "" Great hand dye yarn from Jocelyn. Free Shipping All the Order!

-Knitting Blog Review:
Robbie at "KnitXcoreE" Guy Knitter

-Talking about Summer Knitting Book:
1. Lace Style by Pam allen and Ann budd
2. "Shawls and Scarves" the Beast of KNITTER'S Magazine by Nancy Thomas
3. Lavish Lace by owner of Cherry Tree Hill Cheryl Potter

YarnPorn this week: Katina "Matinica" color #7703 Summer yarn(Remind me of Caribben Cruis)

Music of the Week:
"Only you" by Makana
Makana is native Hawaiian Tradinal slack key Artist. Visit his web at download the song!

PLEASE visit my blog SEE my VIDEO CAST(copy and past the link) at

Thank you!

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Knit Wits

I believe I posted this once before awhile ago, but since we're featuring it again at work, I thought I'd give it some love here, as well.