Archive - Jun 17, 2007

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Addi Turbo Lace Needles

I'm not a lace knitter (at least I don't add the extra stitches on purpose) but Christine (knitmaniac) showed me this website and I noted that Addi has added lace circulars to its line of knitting needles. Maybe this is old news, but I thought I'd put it forward here in case some of the lace knitters didn't know.

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Message to Bendbarr

You sent me a private message asking about the Monday Night Knit...
but it said "Sender does not accept replies"...and you don't accept emails...(I'm not sure how you expected me to respond,,,)
We meet Monday nights from 7-9pm ( although many of us get there about 6:30)
at the Three Dollar Bill Cafe...Octavia & Market the GLBT Center.