Archive - Jun 10, 2007

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Putting on the Ritz, or, Rehab Happens

Hello! I'm happy to announce that the Best Beloved had his cast removed last week and now wears two shoes and walks with a cane (sort of - I mean, he sort of walks. He mostly meanders slowly). And, there has been enough bone growth that the doctor and physical therapist have both approved starting to drive, which he will do at the end of this upcoming week.

His recovery from the shattered leg has been a long one and the doctor says it will be December now before we're back to normal. And they tell him he'll never run (he never did, so he's a bit relieved!). Still, he can now empty the dishwasher, drive, AND walk with a cane. I'm eagerly awaiting the top hat and tap dancing!

The past four months have involved a lot of Netflix and a whole lotta knitting on my part. We've finished two seasons of Battlestar Gallactica, the first season of the new Dr. Who, and lots of movies. On my part, I have restocked my stash, knitted a couple of vests (one of which I need to redo), some socks, a baby blanket for the new grand niece, dish rags (never done that before - mindless yet fun), and continued work on B. Walker's Learn to Knit afghan.

This summer we will swim, walk slowly, and I think I'm going to try my hand at knitting the linen curtains from Mason*Dixon Knitting.