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May 16th

Knitting tips

thought I'd pass this on. The following url is for a German website, under Knitting tips there is a list of pdf pages in both German and English which people may find useful.
Happy knitting,

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2007 a year for Recycling

Three years ago I crocheted an afghan and this year I decided to frog the afghan. From that yarn I will make it a knit Afghan project. The yarn is Plymouth Yukon.

I have taken all the yarn out and even though knitting is supposed to take less yarn than crochet, I believe this project will take more yarn. I am making four panels and each panel takes aroound 8 hours to knit.

Here is the pile of yarn.

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Who Will Be Number 900?

I only joined recently, but even as a new member I've seen this site grow since I started. As of writing this the tally of registered users says 899.

Who will be number 900?...

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service unavailable?

hmmmm, maybe it's just me..., or maybe it's just that post.


nope, it appear that one can CREATE a new entry, but reply to is kaputzki.

not to see if edit works.

addendum - 4:04 Eastern time

I'm not sure either - things were real wacky for a while and now again.- maybe something to do with the spam-storm the internet had today.

5/11 11:22 am

okay - this is beginning to bug me. Lars just posted a reply - why can't I?

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Two Color Hat

Hi y'all,

I've logged onto this site every day for over a month now and am loving it. I've been inspired by many of the projects I've seen and have knitted up many of them after reading and seeing them.

I do need help though. I am knitting the brioche hat from Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick, desinger of the hat is Wendy Easton. It's on page 66 of the book and here's my problem. In the Crown rounds, specifically Crown Rnd 2, the instructions are confusing cause the stiches I have on my needles are not the same as described in the book.

Has anyone else had difficulty with this pattern? Help a new guy out, I'd really like to finish this hat so I can knit another one. It's really an amazing looking hat.

Regards, David

May 15th

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15 days to Disney

Apparently, I and BF will be the only ones from this esteemed body making the "Pilgrimage to pay homage to Tinkerbell (if you believe in fairies, clap your hands)" aka Gay Days. Though the thought crossed my mind that I could refer to it as "Fairy Fest" what with Tinkerbell, Maleficient,Cinderella's godmother and all the other Disney characters of that ilk hanging out with all the gays. Guess the purple sock is staying home.

Luv 'n' Stuff
Bob in Fort Lauderdale
Where the boys are...but they don't knit...poor things


OK - I have created and destroyed (less dramatically, just plain unravelled) a couple attempts at hats because I cannot get it thru my thick skull how to work with dpns. The magic loop is not up for discussion, as I do not get it at, the dpns are where I need to focus. Suggestions? I'm feeling less and less sure of my knitting skills and feeling like an idiot!! Thanks-

May 13th

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Four down, One to go

Last Friday we had a trip to the New York Hall of Science in Queens. I, fearing traffic and a dull museum, brought my knitting. (still working on the blue socks, but they are coming along nicely, on the toe decreases) I was so engrossed by the museum, and my student’s questions that I did not get a chance to knit until lunch. We sat in a park, the kids played ball I knit. I got some questions from the kids who did not know me, but on the whole it was just me being me (that is to say, out of the ordinary). I knit later on the trip while we were in a park in the Bronx and I realized: except for Staten Island, I have now knit in all the boroughs of New York City. I may have to take the SI ferry just to make it a five by five. Any NYC knitters got all the boroughs?

Today I was sailing again and had my coffee cozy with me. It got some nice compliments; it always seems to.

Have a good rest of the week.

Bronx Knit.

May 12th

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My sweater site is back online

Well after a few days of work I have my site back online. I moved it to a new server and because the site contains 2GB of images it took a while to move them back up to the new site.

I have a pretty extensive gallery of mens sweaters with over 10,000 pictures. So I think it's a pretty good site for reference if you want to get some ideas for new sweaters to knit.


May 11th

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Middle Earth Knitting Weekend Coming Up!

Calling all Kiwi and Aussie knitting blokes! I just heard on David Reidy's "Sticks & String" podcast about the New Zealand Knitters' Weekend on 15-17 June in Wellington on the North Island. It is sponsored by KnitWorld (a chain of yarn shops) and it sounds like a lot of fun. There will be celebrity speakers, workshops, competitions, stash-trading, charity knitting, Stitch 'n' Bitch along with a special 3 hour session just for blokes called "Knitting With Testosterone", led by James Herbison of the FiberAlive blog fame. The costs are very reasonable and I, for one, intend to be there. Here is the link:

Since it's so inexpensive for Aussies to fly to New Zealand, maybe some of you guys from Oz will come over and join us? I'm keen to meet other men who knit and wouldn't it be cool to actually meet some of the MWK regulars!

If I can ever possibly figure out how to post an event for June on MWK, I'll do that. I can't suss how to move forward in the calendar. Anyone know how?