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December 25th

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Karen's socks

Recently finished socks. After I knitted the first, I lost the pattern, and consequently the interest to knit the second.

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Merry Holidays lol!

Happy Holidays and or Merry Christmas!

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Still almost finished

But a lot closer now, 3/4rths of the Armada is off the needle.

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Yikes! Fibre Queen

I have casually mentioned lately in the hearing of my partner that I would like to learn to spin. Well, I just opened my Christmas presents and I am still in shock.

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Any out of the closet Bi-Knituals?

I know that most of us knit the way we were taught, whether the English/North American or the continental style. I only do it the standard Canadian way, yarn in right hand etc. etc.

December 24th

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Striped Garter Stitch scarf

Oops I forgot to add the photo to my last blog entry. I am still figuring ou this site...

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Striped garter stitch scarf

Here is a photo of a striped garter stitch scarf with a few different shades of blue. I like the way the colors work together.

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First projects

Happy holidays to all. Here are some photos of my recent knitting projects. The ribbed hat in gray was my first hat. I really enjoyed knitting this in the round.

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Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.