Archive - Nov 4, 2007

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OT: Hugs

I have to admit that these videos bring a tear to my eye. I love a warm hug and got a couple tonight, 1,000+ miles from home.

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Finishing up another baby blankie

Well, Another friend of mine (in beautiful Asheville NC) had a baby a few weeks ago and the moment I found out, I cast on to knit a new blanket, one I hadn't tried before.

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FO: Bauhaus Fair Isle

I finally finished my first stranded knitting project. I started it somewhere in the middle of August, so it took a little over two and a half months to complete.

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Honorable Ravenclaw Scarf, (HAT WIP)

I just wanted to share my FO of the Honorable Ravenclaw House Scarf. I will be making another hat for this scarf . This is one of my Christmas Gifts to myself. Shhh!

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A Little OT, but

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Another Quick and Easy Hat

I made this easy, comfortable hat in about 2 1/2 hours last night and this morning.

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How is it that I cast on carefully....count every stitch about 2 or 3 times, knit the first row PERFECTLY(!!) and on the 2nd row....nothing matches up?!