Archive - Nov 19, 2007

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New FO

I just finished "Palindrome" in a black yarn for my sister for Christmas. Sorry, no pics because the black doesn't show the cabling at all.

Silly Question #2 - Border Crochet

Alrighty, I realized yesterday that I taught myself to knit 16 yrs ago or so, but have only made a scarf and a blanket. So I really am a beginner!

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Flying with my WIP

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow knitting buddies!!

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Help, please

One of the first projects I ever knitted was a shawl, straight knit stitch, basic decreases. I love how it came out.

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Argyle Pullover Vest

i lost all of my hard work when my cable broke on my circular's needles. it broke here the cable join with the needle

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Greek Key Cap - "One More Try"

Well, I decided I didn't like the look of the cap as it was... too tall and maybe the top too flat.