Archive - Nov 16, 2007

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"The Last Knit" video

This video actually makes me want to cry. I'm not sure what to think about it. It's beautiful to watch...

If I couldn't knit anymore, I think I'd be totally lost.

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the style i knit

when i taught my self how to knit. i learn to knit in the back loop. did i teach my self a wrong way of knitting?

frustration kicking in

ok so ive searched the internet high and low and i cannot find a good pattern for a christmas stocking? what is the world comming to. anyone know any good ones?

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Barcelona Tychus

I am making two of these hats in good old 100 % acrylic. The Tychus Hat Pattern

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Start crossing bar

I'm working on a pattern that calls for crossing bar. What do crossing bar mean? Here is the pattern

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My So Called Scarf

Not sure what I think about My So Called Scarf. I think the confluence of the pattern, the lumpy-bumpy-ness, and the colors make for an explosion of visuals.

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If this works, please forgive the test- trying to figure out how to get a picture onto MWK. Thanks,

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Slytherin Update 4

Almost done I started the starry sky and the decreasing of the hat. Thanks for stopping BY!