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November 24th

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Cabled Fingerless Mitts

These were a fun project for the last 2 evenings. I knitted them in Tahki Zara Plus, which is a super-wash Merino that was on clearance sale at Jimmy Beans. The pattern is from Knitty: "Fetching".

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"Tradition" Gift

Tim (teejtc) started up a nice idea of the "Tradition" gift a while back. Patrick (celowin) was the next to offer something and now I'd like to follow suit and offer a gift.

J'ai Fini! - Le Prayer/Healing Shawl

Finally gotterdone. Chevron Seed, crocheted border (well, at least my version of crochet). I am gonna do some minor blocking before shipping it out.

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Own your own LYS -- talk about stash!

I just got word via email that one of the LYSs in Spokane, Washington is for sale. I don't have any details, but if any of you are interested, here's their website:

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Color Me Confused

I'm looking over a sweater pattern that I'm considering (yeah I need another WIP like I need another hole in the head) And it says to do the stockinette stitch for 6 rows and then do a k2 p2 ribbin

November 23rd

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Women Allowed?

I am new to this online community and glad to have a found it. This is going to sound totally wrong but here goes:

How come there are female members in this Men Who Knit community?

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Finished Melissa's Hat

As I am holed up in a hotel room I finally found the time to finish the hat I've been knitting for one of the Applebee's bartenders.

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New Knitting Video Podcast

I just wanted to let you know about a new knitting video podcast (just 2 episodes so far) called "Knitterati".

Turkey Day and Ebay Turkey day has been awesome!

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Dyeing to Finish

I'm getting near the end of the BSJ, so it's really apparent how it's shaping up: