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November 26th

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[insert string of swear words here]

I'm so sick of this effing squirrell. My boyfriend has been after me to knit a squirrel since I bought the pattern and yarn for it back, like, six+ months ago.

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nothing nothing nothing...SPLOOSH!!!!

Making up for not posting in a long time.
I want to try a top down raglan sweater.
Heavy worsted 4.5 st/in.

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Should I or shouldn't I?

So, I got this one sweater in to re-tailor...Men's, purple silky wool. It was knitted a wee bit too open and, per silk, has grown. I can wear it as is but it's a little oversized.

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Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was great!

Hey everyone. Hope your Thanksgiving was great! Mine was very quiet. Can't believe that the Christmas Holidays are apon us. Where did time go?

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what happened?

I'm back. Yes, I've been knitting. Mostly hats, sweater repairs... I was up until 3 am retailoring a purple muppet of a cardigan for this lady... (no wool, all soft, fuzzy, muppet acrylic)...

Do you like Alpaca?

I started MMarios FSL shawl yesterday using some Lions Brand laying around. 30% Alpaca, 30% wool, 40 acrylic.

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So I decided that I needed to start a knitting blog to keep track of the things i've knitted. There are enough now that it's starting to get hardto remember them all.
I have made:

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Sewing Thread

I would like to know is there a way I can knit with sewing thread.

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No One expects the Spanish Armada!

The qoute is bollixed up - so sue me!

Proof-knitting by volunteers underway.

Pattern is definately proofed through row 100 and I *think* I've got it corrected the rest of the way.

Next Major Project... advice?

So, after I finish the 'fetching' cabled fingerless gloves from's archives, I'm planning on making