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November 2nd

BRAINS! - Someone Tell Me Someone Can Turn This Into A Hat

The link points to a knitted bag that looks like a brain. It looks like it's a long stuffed knitted tube sewn together. This just begs to be transmogrified into a cool beanie.

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FO: my first hat

Inspired by a number of you guys - I made my first hat; something I've put off and put off for years.

This will join a scarf and be sent off to my japanese nephew-in-law

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My Photography I've got several community albums on Picsa, I hope this link works... if not you can go to and then look for YarnFreak0208 photo albums.

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Knitting at the movies???


My wife and I are planning to see Harry Potter in the cheap theater this afternoon, and I said I wanted to go home to get my knitting, but she's forbidding me!!!

November 1st

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The Burberry Hat

After some trial and error this is what I came up with.

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Tree Of Life

Am thinking of knitting the afghan I have posted the picture of. It's a fun pattern, and it would definitely be a big change of pace for me, this so-far-scarf-and-hat-only-knitter.


I know this is grossly off topic, but I feel like I want to Show-and-Tell!