Archive - Oct 5, 2007

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Bamboo And you!

I am currently working on this project as well, I am hoping that by weekend'd end I have finsih the hat or the scarf lol!

Cleaning Fleece?

I bought some fleece...washed it etc. I started carding (I am new to all this)...and I want to do you clean out the small small bits of straw?

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New Pattern

I just had to tell SOMEONE!!!

When the computer was on the blink and I thought I lost everything, what did I do to calm my nerves? I cast on and just started knitting!

Any guys in the Raleigh / Durham / Chapel Hill NC area?

Hey, I just recently moved up to the tri-city region of North Carolina to take a job as an actor.

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Wal Mart Ditching Knitters

It looks like Wal Mart, at least the one here, doesn't want the knitter's business any more.