Archive - Oct 14, 2007

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Silk shawl

Just finished is the Shoulder Shawl with cherry leaf pattern from Victorian Lace today. The yarn is a heavy weight silk from ColourMart UK in a steely blue colour. I used 4.5mm needles.

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Drinks and Knitting

Knitting Parties!!!! I just went to one. There was food, wine, martinis, beer, dancing. Is this how all knitting parties are?

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Just Going Slow

Hey everyone!

Gentlemen, your weapon of choice:

49% (49 votes)
42% (42 votes)
Acrylic/ Plastic
6% (6 votes)
Ceramic/ Ivory
2% (2 votes)
I am Chuck Norris. Ninjas knit my garments for me. With the fangs of the Basilisk.
2% (2 votes)
Total votes: 101

Wow! It's More Than Two Inches!

Here's my first project that I haven't abandoned yet. I got it from a how-to book as one of the first projects when I was reading up on knitting.