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First time in the round

I want to crank out a simple V-day hat for my sweetie but I have never knit in the round before. I'm still new to knitting but I enjoy it and would like to learn how to work in the round.

Am I setting myself up for disappointment by trying to learn and have something done in 2.5 weeks? Or should I give it a go? DPNs or circulars and the magic loop method?

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Kingwood needles

Here is the size US 19 needle

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Circular needles

I knit a lot of scarves with multiple yarns...often five strands...and I'm always bothered by the difference between the cable and needle sizes..
I've used the large size AddiTurbos...but prefer the warmth of wood or bamboo... I made some!
These are turned of Rosewood and Kingwood...with brass fittings.
The odd things inside the vinyl cable are Swarofski crystals... just for fun... they roll around when I knit...
One can never have too much Glitz!!!

They are US17 and US19

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The Colour Wheel according to Wollmeise...

The Colour Wheel according to Wollmeise

Test hanks from Rohrspatz & Wollmeise

Got bored yesterday, so I took out the mini test hanks to play with. :-p