Archive - Jan 11, 2007

Variations on the SSK

Ok... I've got a question about SSK (slip slip knit) stitches that I've been thinking about lately while doing a lace project.

I know there are various ways to do a SSK. Some people slip both stitches purlwise, some slip them both knitwise, some slip the first one knitwise and the second purlwise. Some patterns actually mention which one to use, but most of the time it's not specified. And I've seen all the above mentioned in different books and web sites.

So which one do you prefer to use if the pattern doesn't specify? Does it depend on the project? the yarn? the pattern?

And on a related note, is there any difference between doing slipping both stitches purlwise to do a SSK and doing a K2tog thru the back loops? I admit I can't really see a difference.