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Enough is Enough

Ok,  I am really fed up with this bullshit spam business.  Mr. pitch and whatever as well as Miss tinywoofuckingwho.  They need to be trashed big time, sent packing and kicked in the ass until their nose bleeds! 

I think it upsets me!

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do any of you have a preference between kookaburra woolwash and eucalan woolwash? i am looking to give submersion blocking a try and was wondering if one product yielded better results over the other.

Baseball and Knitting??

Baseball and Knitting??
Come to knit and watch a baseball game!
We want more men at these events!

Go to for more information and to buy tickets!

Provisional cast on

I'm putting together a scarf for myself (based on a Saxon Braid design I found in a book) and I'm thinking about putting tapered ends on it. However, I don't really feel like figuring out the numbers for the tapered bits at present, so I thought of doing a provisional crochet cast on and coming back to it later, once I have the body of the scarf done, so I can figure out excatly what I need. I'm wondering if that would be odd though, picking up a provisional cast on and knitting back in the reverse direction. Are there any difficulties, does it give some odd looking join or anything?

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Another cruise...

Cotton socks and Entrelac

I've decided to fight through the cotton/wool yarn I described earlier.  The problems I encountered were that the ribs were very loose, and the leg was very tight.  I've decided on a small needle for the rib, and a larger one for the rest of the sock.  Wish me luck, men!

 In the mean time, while pondering my next move with the yarn from hell, I set out to practice entrelac, since I never was able to master it before.  Well, I found a pattern at  my LYS, set to work, and finally was able to get it!  I actually got it! 

Now, if i could just figure out how to use it in something more than a small handbag!