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Embarking on my Knitting Adventure- Try 2

Hey all!  I just joined this site, and tonight I am going to be embarking on my knitting adventure!  My Aunt tought me the basics this weekend and I must say that I am obssesed!  The only problem is that I don't know where to start...I have purchased a book and am reading up but am totally in the dark as to what to get when I go to the knit shop this evening!  Might anyone have some advice as to good tools/materials for the sealous beginner?  Any advice would be creatly appreciated!  THanks!

Embarking on my Knitting adventure!

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onward and upwards....there's a whole world of chenille out there!!!

well, the theft of my current wip's and attendant sticks and string is best considered an opportunity.  tho' the hat was (i'm quoting Madame Fonz, a venerable drag queen) "fab'lus".  the baby will get a blanket done in a foamy minty green chenille with crocheted flowers randomly distributed on it.  and i'm thinking i'll do a matching hat.   hats are always good.  i feel sorry for the junky that stole my tackle 'cause there's no way he'll get any money at the hock shop for that stuff.  anyways, thanks for the commisseration and stuff.  be good.