Men's sock patterns

Novice knitter really enjoying making socks. Seems like most patterns are for women altered to men's sizing. I find much errata in these. Also looking for something lighter for warm weather, most are done in wool however I've never used any sock weight other than wool. Any suggestions?


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Hi Michael,
I was turned on to the Evil Sock Genius that uses math to make excellent socks. It's the only pattern I use now for basic socks. Then, when I perfected it, I added my own designs for the instep, heel, and leg. I am a big fan of cabling and am now planning to use a lot of the stitch on a new pair that I am going to begin shortly. I like the pattern because it uses the toe-up method using Judy's Magic Cast On to start. I just like to try the socks on as I make them and add or subtract to length so I don't have to make the whole sock then get the nasty surprise of it not fitting once it is finished.
Here is the site of the pattern:
Here is a You Tube link to Judy Becker showing how to do her magic cast on.

If you need any help, email me at and we can begin a dialog.


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Thanks for the great info CLABBERS! I'll be sure to check it out. I've seen Judy's video before, I'll have to study it a bit more.

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I f you are also on Ravelry, there are several forums that deal with socks. You can also do a search for men's socks exclusively in the pattern section, either for free or paid, toe up or top down. My profile there - the user name is the same - has links for several of the forums I use.

As for woolen socks in the summer, I wear mine all year round and don't really find there is any discomfort in warmer weather. Using a lighter weight yarn makes a difference, as does some of the blends with bamboo, cotton, and so on.

I am also a reference for sock making, if you wish. You can always private message from here or Ravelry. Have fun researching and making socks.

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Thanks again. Evil Genius is a hoot!

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It helps me get the socks to fit different people correctly, as well as use any yarn weight. I hope you enjoy it. Happy knitting.


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Socks are great knitting projects, I find. They are small enough that they go quickly, and you can carry them around in small bags. They don't take up a lot of yarn either -- considering all the entertainment you can get from one pair.

I find wool is excellent all year round. They are more comfortable for your feet. You can use other fibres, certainly, but you need to be aware of their properties. By this I mean that some fibres will not react the same as wool will. Wool is very forgiving -- for example, if you have uneven tension. Cotton will not. Cotton has no elasticity -- it will stretch, but not revert back to its original state as will wool. Alpaca is a luxurious fibre and feels great on the feet -- but it also has no elasticity. For this reason, we always use a blend of these fibres with wool to give you some give to the yarn, and yet the best of the luxury fibre. It also makes the yarn a bit affordable.

Be sure to use a multi-pled yarn -- using many strands twisted together. They last longer. Any soft yarn will not wear well. Any single will not wear well. You want a well-twisted yarn with multi strands plied together for best results.

Yes, there are many good patterns for men's socks. You just need to look for them. However, I don't know how a man's sock is any different than socks for anyone else! Socks are socks. I do not follow a pattern -- just can't do it -- and I prefer to custom knit all my things. The toe-up patterns are about the best, I feel. And you can make them the exact size needed!! As for patterns, you can put any pattern YOU like in them, as long as they fit with the number of stitches you are using. After all, these are YOUR socks, and you are allowed to make them any way YOU want to!! As far as I know, there are no sock police -- yet.