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I wrote a article a while back about "Open Knit" machine where you could build your own knitting machine Although a great idea most of us don't necessarily have the skill set to build such a machine. The inventors also found after many prototypes it wasn't very practical to get the necessary level of precision to be reliable for self builders.

So via a kickstart project they are launching a commercial machine you can buy and works from your PC or Mac their web address This machine allows you to automate the process of making a sweater or garment so you can concentrate on your design. It automates cast-on, cast-off, increasing and decreasing and shaping, While allowing you to do your own patterns more simply on a computer. So design starts to become more a factor in your knitting as not constrained by limitations of the machines which most current hobbyist machines are 20 years or older. (i.e. antiques).

For me this is what I have been waiting for a knitting machine for hobbyist who want concentrate on the garments design incorporating features of more expensive industrial machines costing thousands of dollars more. Which most of our cloths are currently made on such machines. In terms of what this machine can do compared to the current antique manual or semi automatic machines, Passap, Singer, Silver Reed or Brother is a level of complexity higher.

Personally for me it is still a waiting game as the ability to buy one is currently only available in UK, US, Canada and Europe. Being in Australia I will have to be a little more patient. In the scheme of things the machine is still expensive if you do your knitting the traditional way but the advantages is completing projects and design are worth it.

I thought I write a blog entry as some may find it interesting.
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My own knitting has taken a rest at the moment as in the process of moving home in Sydney to the country Braidwood, NSW. Looking forward to the move and getting back into my knitting. Plan to knit a few sweaters on my old Passap machine.

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Good luck on your move and what a wonderful view. I enjoyed the article.

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Yes...good luck on the move and the view is very nice. Take care.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Thanks for the comments. I am looking forward to the move to the country property (25 acres) more relaxing and starting up my knitting again.