Doormat pattern

Anyone out there know of a beginner doormat pattern? And what kind of yarn would be good to use with it? Thanks!


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There was a design in the Mason-Dixon Book that would make a good doormat. I know another knitter made some with jute cord, but it can be quite rough on your hands. Cotton would be a good option, perhaps backing it with some non-slip paint formulated for rugs, etc..

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For a doormat, you want something that is tough and handle the wear and tear of daily use, and something that can be easily washed. Acrylic would be good for this (finally! a use for that stuff!) I would want to use multi strands of yarn to make it fairly thick, and gigantic needles, and in garter stitch would be the simplest. But really -- it is yours, so you can do whatever pattern you like!

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I made plarn and made both a doormat and a plastic bag dispenser. I saved plastic grocery bags for a few months. I flattened them and cut off the bottoms and the irregular tops. The remaining bag body I sliced into rings, about 2" wide for the bag holder and about 4" wide for the mat. Hook the rings together by pulling one ring halfway through the other, then through itself and pull a bit to tighten. Add a third ring by by looping it through the second one halfway then through itself. Once you have a few feet, start winding it. By ball was eventually about 14-16" around. Using an appropriately sized hook crochet or knit with appropriate needles, follow your pattern or wing it if you're experienced It's a good way to recycle. And the roughness of the mat really feels good on bare feet.

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I don't have a pattern for a door mat, but I did make a throw rug to put in front of the sink in my laundry room. I was able to purchase rolls of shoelace material. There were actual (large) bobbins of uncut shoelaces. The rug has been washed and dried many times and has held up well. I purchased the rolls at an army/navy store in Provincetown, MA.