How to handle haters

I am new to the knitting game, but it seems male knitting is looked down upon. Even some of my best friends look at me strange when I talk about my knitting. What are some of yalls experience and how do y'all handle it?


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Probably because it doesn't interest them. I only talk about my knitting to people who are also knitters. I have a great friend who is a golfer but she never talks about it to me because I would find it frightfully boring. And I would never bore her with tales of my experiences with dp's. However, we have wonderful conversations about bridge, sourdough starters, travels, and linguistics.

Makes sense, thanks for your comment

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Anything that is unknown to a person can be frightening -- either terribly boring, or intimidating and threatening. Be careful what subjects to discuss with others. While there is nothing wrong with what you are doing or saying, it bothers others, and we should always be considerate of other people's feelings, whether they (the other people) are right or not. Very slowly, you can educate them, but usually it isn't worth the effort.

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I've never had a bad encounter yet. I'm an extreme introvert but I've forced myself to be more outgoing. I've in an airplane and an airport, knit in my doctor's office, in the car at a traffic light without incident. We just moved to Saint Petersburg, FL from Michigan. Starting our second week here I sought out yarn stores (and my new interest, quilting). All of the store owners have been friendly and helpful. No matter how small the store is, I always compliment them on the quality of merchandise, the selection of notions, their location, etc. Never put down any of the other stores in the area but I do always mention I prefer to shop local to help the local economy and because the personnel is soooo much more knowledgeable. One local store invited me to attend a live performance with other patrons of her store in a group with a gift of a specially dyed selection of yarn that matched the posters, while another introduced me to a gent who teaches household decor and clothing construction while someone else teaches quilting. I dunno, maybe it's just because I'm so cute, cuddly and friendly (lol) that I haven't had any problems or maybe I'm just lucky. Stay positive and inquisitive. And if you see someone else doing what you're doing or a different craft, stop to say hi and ask about what they're doing. Most people like to be in the spotlight from time to time.

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I don't recall ever having a negative experience when someone learns I knit. I've had a few little old ladies who tell me it's cute that a man knits, but never been criticized or made fun of. It may be because I have never come across as embarrassed or apologetic. I share my knitting as naturally as I share music, food, or any of my other passions. I wonder if sometimes we engender disapproval because of our self-conscious manner.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."