Row, row, rowing out...

Not long ago, I took on some projects which required me to knit flat, something I'd not really done for a number of years. I wasn't too keen to give up the circular knitting but needs must and I began my projects. However, it didn't take long for me to notice the rowing-out which drove me mad. I started to use combination knitting which did make a big improvement but didn't eliminate the problem totally. I've never considered myself to be a sloppy knitter and I seem to alway be able to obtain a consistent gauge. But, the random stitches, part rows of uneven fabric brings shame to me as a knitter.

I know that the problem lies n the purl row where more yarn is used than in the knit row. Since combination uses an equal amount of yarn in both knit and purl stitches, the chances of rowing-out is minimalised. Currently, I am learning Portuguese knitting which has the same effect but I continue to struggle with the tensioning of the yarn feed so I can't at this time tell if this will be the solution to my problem.

The only consolation I can take is that this problem effects many knitters, to the extent that it has its own name. I've looked online for assistance but the best help will come from a more personal place, such as the MWK site. So, can anyone offer anything to this dilemma? Have you the same problem? Have you overcome rowing-out? If so, how did you do it? All comments will be greatly appreciated.


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I've heard people suggest purling with a smaller needle.

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I have a friend who purls with a needle 1 size smaller. Although I don't particularly like purling, I don't have a problem with tension.

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Most of my knitting is also in the round. I've noted a bit of tension problem on my current flat knit but think blocking should make up for it. At least, that's my hope. Otherwise, I try to purl a bit tighter to make up for the slack.

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