I finished up a sweater before leaving Mexico. It is a V neck style and really comfortable. I used Briggs and Little sport and 3.75 mm needles. Simple style and I know it will be one of my favourites.

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Looks great! It's a huge image, but I was able to save it and look at it that way.

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Thanks, Bill. The image didn't seem that large on my computer.

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Very nice sweater. I like v-necks. I made one once, but I didn't care for how the v-neck turned out. Whose pattern did you use?

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Thanks, Mark. I make up my own patterns.

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I am always impressed with you guys who make up your own patterns. Well done!

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A classic sweater and beautifully knitted. The V-neck came out perfectly and that's not always the case. Well done!

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Thanks, Jesse.

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That is a great looking sweater. That shade of blue is a perfect match for the classic shape and should go well with lots of shirts and pants.

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Thanks, Joe. I am taking it to Prague with me next week. It looks good with jeans and dress pants.

Really nice jumper (ie sweater) I like the neckline very neat and tidy. Plus I never tried a v-neck style. The ribbing looks good too. Great project congrats.