Hello All. Not long ago I discovered the Craftsy website. Maybe this is well-known to many of you, but I had never heard of it before. If you haven't seen it, I recommend you have a look. They have a fair number of knitting classes with a wide range of topics. I've purchased about 10 of them in areas which I wanted to improve, such as seaming, button bands and a general programme of different ways to knit. I found that each course has an experienced knitting instructor who knows what they are talking about. And, best of all, some of the instructors are blokes! The lessons are easy to follow and there is a 30 second repeat button so you can review multiple times anything which is difficult to follow. I have learned new things and been reminded of things I'd forgotten. There is a way to interact with the instructors which can be helpful. After signing up, I started to get promotional emails from Craftsy and often they have a sale on certain classes, with a savings up to 50%. I always wait for the sale and then I get a good deal. The programmes can be down-loaded and stored on your computer or iPad so they can be viewed off-line. The quality of these programmes is far superior to YouTube videos and I prefer them to books. In addition to the classes, they also sell knitting supplies. Although I've not poked around the site, I have seen that they have classes in things other than knitting.


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I took one of the classes a few years ago and I agree, they are quite well done. I think that Steven West was the instructor. I was lucky as the class was a gift given at one of the Rocky Mountain retreats, so it was free. I have recently become interested in lace knitting with fingering yarn, so I might have to check out Crafty to see if they have any classes on that. Thanks for sharing your experience, it has inspired me to check them out again.

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They have wonderful classes...but be sure you wait for sales, which happen all the time. Most teachers have discount codes for their classes.

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Good to know.