Leg Amputation Sock

Hello MLK,
I have a friend who, because of serious infections resulting from heart bypass surgery in January that never healed, underwent leg amputation above the knee yesterday. He's 81 years old and he's a wonderful person. I thought I'd make him what is called a stump sock...yes it sounds crass, but he's okay with it. He won't ever have a prosthesis because of his age, overall health, and his f*cked up insurance company who dropped him, so now he is a ward of the State of Florida as a Medicaid patient.

I would like to knit him some stump socks for him. I have the measurements and I want to make him an array of colorful socks to brighten up his day. He still has a very vibrant man and loves Floridian colors.

My BIG question is which type of yarn should I use? Fingering vs. Sport vs. Worsted.
What kind of yarn would be correct for...soft enough to eventually putting this sock on his leg without bandages or an undersock. I want it to be super soft but still strong enough to hug his leg. I also want it to be washable. Until he can go without bandages, I can just use up some worsted weight very soft acrylic that will stand up to brutal washing at a hospital.

Once I get the upper leg started, that's going to be k2, p2 for about 10" long. That way the ribbing should be snug enough to stay put. Then I'll go through the decreasing until I get a nice rounded end for the bottom of the leg.

Any suggestions for types of yarns? I'm starting with worsted and also want to make one with fingering yarn.
Any suggestions for colors of yarn. I'd love to find rainbow yarn, but am having a tough time finding it.

Any suggestions for patterns?

Thanks for your help.



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Mark, your description of your plan sounds to be quite solid. I really don't think it matters much what type or weight of yarn you use but I am sure he would appreciate one that was washable. If you are good at Fair Isle you could knit messages into the sock or just a single word. Good luck with your project and bully for you.

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Some sock yarns are said to have antimicrobial properties which may help ward off infections. However, any quality yarn that is washable and kept clean should do okay. I know Quinton has knit a stump sock but cannot remember much beyond that. You may be able to find out more on his projects page in Ravelry.

Knit Picks Felici has a rainbow colorway; a friend just gave me some. There is also a Trekking yarn that is rainbow but I forget which one, other than it is a thicker sock yarn. The Felici is super soft and the Trekking isn't too bad, either.

Great project and I hope your friend does very well in his recovery. As for insurance companies...my quotes are very unprintable.

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Thanks for the help and encouragement, guys. I have learned that my friend's stump is too small to accommodate a stump sock.