Lace knitting

My first real post.
Kia ora
I've started this Estonian scarf. The provisional cast on was interesting. I love utube to learn how to do these things left handed. So good.
Well this and the blue wool I'm Spining for a baby shawl should shut me up for a while. I'll try to put up pics as I go.

Image icon Fine Marino 914.89 KB
Image icon Blue baby shawl Spining 447.54 KB


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Most interesting. Looking forward to photos once the projects are finished.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Hi Grant,
Beautiful work. Is "fine merino wool" fingering weight or even lighter weight?
I find a provisional cast on to be a real pain to do and then to pick up. I've only done it once and am not anxious to do it again! But, I'll probably cave in if I find a really beautiful pattern that requires it.


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Provisional cast-ons are fun to do. I see you used the crochet chain, and that is good too. There are many other ways, and I suggest that you try others -- you may find another one easier to work with for you.

That is a very nice lace pattern! But oh so boring!! Because of the rather short repeat, it is more of the same over and over and over. But what lovely work when it is all done! You can do this while watching TV or something to keep yourself from falling asleep. Well, that is MY problem. I constantly need something to keep my brain engaged as well as the hands.

That blue wool looks inviting! And what lovely rolags -- I could grab them and start spinning right now! Will be good to see what becomes of it. Thanks for posting!

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Looking forward to seeing the completed scarf which is gorgeous.