Mum's Cardigan

Well I made this cardigan for my mum on my "new" Passap DM80 machine. It is not really new but secondhand. Passap machines haven't been made for over 20 years. I brought it off a old lady who no longer had the need for it.

Being a double bed machine it can do ribbing without any hand manipulation so quicker to knit. Also can do a lot of patterns. It also does k:k stitch which is knit stitch on both sides of garment ( no purl side).

But required some cleaning and spare parts to get the machine into operation. The two colour changer lever was broken and require a new part. Broke only one needle in the project. But sourced spares

There was a learning curve also from going from single bed to a double bed, increasing or decreasing stitches meant twice the number as needed to do both beds. Necklines and collars joining is more complex.

But the Passap machine is really solid and produces really nice fabric.

The cardigan was based on a cardigan my mum owned. The two front pieces of the cardigan are over sized each are almost as large as the back piece. Which is a style currently fashionable for women cardigans.

The collar I should of doubled over for a neater join. But overall I am happy with the result and my mum says she likes it which is all you can hope for. I was planning to add a color border but decide more due to time to leave the addition off.

Machine washable 4 ply wool called Graphite. Took quiet a lot of wool to knit due to k:k stitch, about 11 skeins of wool ( Complete.

My next projects will be single side knit stitch raglan jumpers. For me and my partner. I want to wear my own handiwork so can gauge size, fit, wearability , design and just overall feel.

Strangely cardigans can be more complicated then a sweater even though they appear simpler.

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Congratulations on getting your "new" machine. Very interesting report on how you made a lovely cardigan. I am looking forward to seeing other work it produces.

I am more confident with the raglans. I will post them once start and completed. I am also going to try the patterning available. Thanks for the comments, happy knitting. Anth

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Very nice cardigan. I'm so glad your mom likes it. I've not knit many sweaters but may remedy that within the next year.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Thanks for the comment. The cardigan may have been a little ambitious to be the first project. I will need to practice necklines more with the new machine until I feel it is right. The k:k stitch being two sided would do my head in when working out joining attaching.I learnt a lot.Cheers Anth

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I used this same machine for a few years and loved it but I find hand knitting much more relaxing. During the time I machine knitted I was living in a cold climate region and as I now live in an area where winter barely exists I just knit blankets for charity as we both have many jumpers that are now worn for just a month or two. I am about to hand that machine over to the Passap dealer here in Australia in the next week or two for most likely nothing as there are very few machine knitters in Oz now.

I am also are in Australia. The weather does means heavy weight jumpers are rarity to wear. Especially the further north (ie tropics) you go. So I use 4 ply sock wool or cotton blend which produces a lighter weight garment that can be worn most months outside of summer.

I agree with you just a ball of wool and two needles. Hand knitting can be more relaxing, plus no noise and more social past time. Although we do share the same heartache when a stitch is dropped or a flaw is discovered forcing us to unravel a few rows to correct.

Machine knitting has been on the decline for some time now. So understand if you are going to give away the machine. I hope you find a good home. I am still optimistic that machine knitting will become more popular. May be if the manufacturers were to update their machines. But only Japan or Chinese manufacturers left.

Anyway thank you for the comment of your experiences and happy knitting.

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Hi Anth, Would you like to have the machine? I am not bothered about getting any money, just want it to go to a good home where it will be 'loved'. I am in Newcastle NSW

Hi Victor the offer is very generous. But I don't have the physical space for another machine. So my suggestion would be to contact this association to find a good home for your Passap ( It is how I found mine. I am sure you will find a new home.

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Thanks, will do before I take it to Fay, the Passap dealer.

Hi Victor so you know of a Passap dealer in Australia? I just wasn't aware of one. I am interested in servicing my machine.

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The dealer is Fay Butcher 02 96495588 94 Nottinghill Rd, Berala, NSW 2141. You can mention me, I have dealt with for for over 20 years but no recently. She operates from her home.

Thank you for the information. I will contact her and mention you. Cheers