men bathing suit ano 1938

Hello find this Men ┬┤Bathing suit ano 1938 on the net and make me one
so nice to wear. smile

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That's quite interesting. And surprisingly well designed for a good fit. I have read that the swimsuits of that time stretched when they got wet. Still, it is a lovely bit of historic knitting. Thanks for sharing with us.

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Great work. And a wondeerful fit. I imagine it was a fun and satisfying knit. When it warms up, we would like a photo of you modelling it at the beach.

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Well done!
I've worn wool bathing suits, don't enjoy them.

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neather do i so make this one in akrylic


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That looks great! Now I want one - I'll have to find the pattern

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Well done, Palle.
You model it well too! **wink wink** It looks comfy in all the right places. Where did you get the pattern? I'd love to try making one. But I'd have to find one that was translated into English. It really does look like a fun thing to wear.


Wow! That looks amazing! And fits you perfectly!

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This is absolutly fabules, would love to have one