Off for awhile now back

Hey guys been gone awhile, decided to get back. Had vacation in NYC this past week!. Had a great time! Did get to a knitting shop on East 77th Street called "Knitting City" great place. People there very friendly. Picked up a few skeins of yarn.(like I needed more)
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.


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Good to see you back. I'm glad you had a great stay in New York. I saw a person with a "Knitting City" bag when I visited there about 7 years ago and wasn't too far from a lovely yarn shop while staying at the convent. However, I didn't do any yarn shopping while there but will remedy that the next time I go...whenever that may be.

Why a convent, you may ask...A friend was making her Profession as an Anglican nun and asked me to be a guest for the celebration. A most wonderful time and a source of lovely memories.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.


I was hoping to hit vespers at Trinity Church Wall Street. Unfortunately there was just too much for me to do in such short of time. I did however get to the Cloisters it was well worth the time!


Joe what was the name of the convent. Being an Episcopalian especially religious orders I am very interested in them. When I was there I tried to hit Trinity on Wall Street. However I kinda got lost (it was at 5) and headed back to my hotel. I did see a magnificent Jewish Temple at 65th and Broadway (I think)

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Welcome back. I have missed your posts.


Thanks Ron!

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I am in the Knitty City Men's Night group. Every Wednesday they have a men's group from 6-8PM.
Nice group of guys and very talented and knowledgeable.
All are welcome to drop in if you are in town.