Has this account been hacked?

Sorry if this is misplaced, but I'm not sure what these ads are, but I'm pretty sure they don't belong on a blog about knitting and I want to make sure neither the blog or the user's account has been hacked.

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Neither. Just a spambot user posting crap on the Internet who registered just prior to these posts being created. All is good, but when there's one, there are unfortunately bound to be others.

reCaptcha doesn't always work to filter these folks out during signup.

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Thanks for catching it, darrel!

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Thanks Darrel!

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Why can't crap like this be blocked? It doesn't seem to happen on other crafting sites.

"Go where the yarn takes you."


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This has been going on all week, with more and more pharmacy adds from different users every day. I am officially removing this blog from my feed for a while. I may try to check back in a few weeks and see if it's been fixed, but I'm tired of it.