Phoenix AZ

Hey there, I am wondering if there is still a mens knitting group in Phoenix AZ, also if anyone has a pattern for a mens sweater knit top down?
Hope to hear from YOu!!


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Hi David,
I use the percentage method found at
When you input the guage and such, a pattern pops out. Very nifty. She says that it's not 100% accurate, but it is usually only a few stitches off here and there. Nothing dramatic. If you have knitted sweaters before, you can fudge it pretty easily.

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There's a nice top down Henley sweater in Bruce Weinstein's book
I get a bit fed up that it's about girls knitting for their rugged boyfriends but there are good patterns in many and various gauges and sizes

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You might want to browse through the patterns @ ravelry(dot)com.