Would you join a knitting or crochet group in your area

95% (95 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Yes, but not in public
5% (5 votes)
Total votes: 100


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I already belong to a knitting & crochet group in my area. We knit in public in a restaurant.

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That is so cool. I still can't find or get a group together here in Los Angeles.

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Have you tried Ravelry? I did a search by location and there are lots of groups there. Try cutting and pasting this link into your browser:


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You're in LA; widen your search; you just have to be prepared to spend several hours on the freeways. ;-)

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I recently joined a knitting club near my home. BUT, I also take my knitting everywhere, friends homes, doctor's offices.....etc.

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I am fortunate to belong to several knitting groups here in Casper. Mainly women, but we still have a great time comparing notes, etc. as we work on projects.

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Here in No. Indiana, I can go to a group at Hegamen Library in Porter, IN, which started out with less than 5 of us, a couple of yrs. ago & is now at least 25, but I'm the only man.

Also on certain days, I go to SHEEPS CLOTHING in Valparaiso, IN., where they have classses, alot of all types of yarn & everything else of that kind of craft stuff! I'm not the only man there but I'm the most frequent male customer.

I'm just alittle new at knitting-I learned to knit to make my daughter a bag graduation. Unfortunately, I did the bag in colors I like, she didn't. I'm being forced to do her another bag, obviously not by her. It'll be another shock for christmas-maybe

I will join, of course. Public or not. I'm actually thinking of having a meetup group unless there is one already. BTW, are there any men knitting groups in Houston?


No, I prefer to be alone.

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I have. Right now, I'm in discussion with myself as to whether I will continue or not. This past year, the president was rather divisive and caused many riffs in our community. She will not be serving next year. The new president is going to try and get us back on track. However, there is still a bad taste left from the former president. I keep asking myself, what am I getting for my money? I still am not getting any good answers. I think I will eventually join, for one more year, but don't know how much longer. It is more of a social group, so don't know if I need to pay for my friends! Still thinking about this one.

Yes . Looking for one north of Seattle. Hortdad

I would and am actually looking in Durham, NC. Thinking about starting one on meetup. Anyone have any luck with that? Good idea to check ravelry.

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Yes, I would, and yes, I would crochet in public. I have often done so. I would like to find a group in Lake County IL In or near the Waukegan area.

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