What I've been up to

It's been a long time away. Currently a potter who knits on the side. Yes, yarn bowls and things to store needles and notions. The things on my needles: Finishing a sweater for my mom. Finishing a Scarf made of tiny crocheted skulls (It just needs to be sewn together), and one of my favorite sweaters that needs retailoring and repair.


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Well, howdy stranger! Welcome back!

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Thank you. Nice to be back.

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Welcome back, Bob! ...great to see you again!

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A very hearty welcome back, Bob. I love the Dalek yarn bowl and hope BBC doesn't start screaming "Cop-ee-rite! Cop-ee-rite!" as they've become jealous about anything Dr. Who related. This, from the corporation who threw the series under the bus when they thought it too outdated. [Yes...I'm still bitter about the abrupt cancellation of the original series. As a Whovian since the early 1970's I think I'm entitled to be.}

However, I digress...Great to see your smiling face back here and hope all goes well with the knits and the pots.

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Hi Bob. Welcome back. I haven't met you yet. To echo Joe's reply, I really like the Dalek yarn bowl as well. My son and I have been avid Dr. Who fans for many years. I think we've seen all the episodes. All of your bowls are well made and beautiful.


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Well, I sell them, but I don't advertise them as Daleks. they're just delightfully faceted and decorated yarnbowls in a choice of colours that go for $50 for the medium and $60 for the large, plus shipping. ;)

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I see you throw as capably as you knit! I always admired your knitting and your pottery is beautiful. I consider yarn bowls to be the coolest knitting accessory there is.

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Welcome back! The Dalek yarn bowl is brilliant! And I also like that your designs include holders for needles. A feature missing from many yarn bowls.

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Love the yarn bowls!