6year old sweater almost complete just joining and neckline

Well almost completed the 6 year old jumper in blue. Twin to the 3 year I did a few months ago. Took 3 skeins of wool to knit. Machine washable 4 ply wool. (http://skeinyarn.com)

Comparing the size difference between the two jumpers.


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Looks quite nice. Amazing how much difference a few years makes in size.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Yeah and children grow in spurts so hope they do fit, cheers.

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The sweater is beautiful. I always knit bigger than size recommendations for children. Always a shame when something only fits for a few months.

Yeah I also do this and the size is one up on the children age and what should fit them next year. I went off the pattern age size rather then any direct measurement. Sure it will be fine. :-)