November socks

Luckily, I barely made the deadline on this pair of socks, finishing the last of the weaving in ends by 9:00 PM local time.

They are a lovely, soft pair in wool, angora, and nylon with colors that live up to the name "alpine strawberry." At first I was skeptical about using Debbie Macomber "Blossom Street" yarn but it was a gift and - other than a few issues with slubs and second cuts fuzzing the yarn - I found it pretty decent to knit with. I hope the person intended to receive them enjoys wearing them and that they fit, I guessed at the size based upon her height and such. If not, there are certain to be others more than willing to try them on.

My photos can be seen on my Ravelry projects page, where I am JoeinWyoming.

ETA: Darrel, our wonderful tech support/webmaster, is trying to figure out why my photos won't upload. Bless him.


Bill's picture

Those are a gorgeous colour, Joe!

ronhuber's picture

I agree with Bill, the colour is wonderful. I missed the deadline for my November socks and I know I will never catch up in December.

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Thanks, Bill and Ron. I was really happy that the name of the yarn truly reflected the colors of the socks. I plan to contact the intended recipient before Christmas so I can give them to her. Now, I just have to get clicking on the December socks.

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