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I am trying to join the Men Who Knit group on Facebook and my request has been pending for a couple of days. Is there anyone in this group that could accept my request to join?


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Hi Jaime,
I don't know anything about the Facebook page, but let me welcome you to this site. It's a great site full of men who love to knit and we also love helping others and sharing our work.


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the moderator is Darrel...the owner of this group. I messaged him...but he doesn't seem to look at either group too often.

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I'm sorry for the delay, Jaime!

I admittedly don't spend a lot of time on Facebook. I'm the only FB group admin remaining, so I'm going to make a post over there a bit later asking if there are any volunteers who would like to help out. Feel free to reply here, too, if anyone is interested!

Facebook does a so-so job at screening new users, so I tend to let requests sit for a few days. Within that time, FB discerns a bad user and deletes their account and those are then displayed differently. A slow filter, but a filter nonetheless.

Once nice thing is that it does state whether a person requesting membership has a friend in the group. I regard those with a lower risk and they get approved as soon as I see them. If a user belongs to no other groups, I'm suspect. If a user belongs to hundreds of groups, I'm suspect. Sometimes I can look at a person's wall and see something crafty as a sign of validity, but fewer and fewer folks share things publicly nowadays.